Hypnotherapy Can Help With Alcohol Abuse

Can Hypnotherapy Help With Alcohol Abuse?

Do you have a drinking problem? Do you want to cut down on the amount of alcohol you consume? Perhaps you want to stop drinking completely? Hypnotherapy can help.

Alcohol related deaths in the UK are on the rise. Deaths linked to alcohol have more than doubled in the last 15 years with the biggest increase in men aged 35-54. And the country’s binge drinking problem isn’t just causing a major health issue. Disturbing stories in the news of violent crime caused by excessive drinking appear almost daily.

Accident and Emergency rooms in our local hospitals are full every weekend with injuries that have been caused or inflicted by alcohol related incidents. It is both government and public responsibility to tackle the social problems, but what should we do to prevent the booze affecting our health?

Tackling Alcohol Abuse With Hypnotherapy

The Department of Health state that 3-4 units of alcohol per day is a safe level for men to drink without serious risk to health. For women it is 2-3 units per day but alcohol can affect different individuals in different ways, particularly if you haven’t eaten or you have a small frame. We all need to understand our limits and understand how many units are in the drinks we choose. As a guide, a pint of medium strength lager is 2 units, high-strength lager 3 units, a 175ml glass of wine 2 units and a single spirit 1 unit. However, storing daily units to then ‘binge drink’ at a later date is of serious risk to health and personal safety.

If you are drinking more than the recommended amount, having a drink in the morning or your life revolves around alcohol, you may have a drink problem. Alcoholism affects every system in the body and while we may build up a tolerance to booze and stop suffering with morning after symptoms, there is long lasting damage occurring inside. Common health problems from alcohol include cirrhosis of the liver, high blood pressure and mental disorders.

Relationships, careers and finances are also affected by excessive drinking. A dependency to alcohol causes mood swings that can be inflicted on loved-ones and colleagues. Finding more and more money to satisfy your needs can impact on your own financial situation as well as those close to you.

Visting A Hypnotherapist May Help Alcohol Problems

The reasons for drinking to excess can be found in the thought processes of the mind. Hypnotherapy techniques alter the process away from wanting to drink alcohol excessively to requiring just a moderate amount and enabling you to stay in control.

Hypnotherapy can also help you identify your reasons for drinking. The issues behind excessive drinking may not always be obvious to you but the methods used in hypnosis can explore the subconscious part of your mind where hidden thoughts and behaviour reside. Drinking can also be habitual and again, the subconscious is where habits are formed. For many people with drink problems, their reasons can be traced to lack of confidence or poor self-esteem. We are all aware how our inhibitions disappear after a few drinks, but for someone who is socially shy or becomes anxious in social situations, alcohol can alleviate their anxieties. Having an alcoholic drink becomes a coping mechanism and leads to an addiction that needs ever increasing amounts.

Tackling your alcohol problem is the first stage with hypnosis. Once this has been identified, understood and overcome, the hypnotherapist can work with you to overcome any anxiety issues you may have. Hypnotherapy provides an effective way to treating drink problems with a variety of techniques and approaches.

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