Homeopathy Redressing The Balance

Strike a balance in favour of homeopathy

Since homeopathy has had such a bad press in the last few weeks and a number of patients have commented on it, I felt obliged to strike a balance in favour of homeopathy.

Homeopathy cannot be proven or measured in clinical trials. That is its beauty you cannot grasp it – it values only the uniqueness of the individual person in their own state of imbalance or sickness and there is no other individual which is similar.

Does it matter that homeopathy cannot be proven? NO.

The measurement we have, as homeopaths, is the enormous number of patients who have been cured with a homeopathic remedy and are very happy to use homeopathy instead of conventional medicine.

Contrary to common myth you don’t have to believe in it for it to work but you do have to understand that it may take longer than a course of antibiotics to get better – as the remedy will be healing traumas from a long time ago – also that the remedy that helped your friend with a similar symptom will not necessarily be the remedy for you as you are a individual in your own right.

How a Homeopath can help you

Because homeopathy treats the individual it can over time treat any illness – the depth of its effectiveness is only limited by some individual situations. I frequently find that patients after a good prescription can change their lives completely. Often finding the partner or job they needed to complete their lives or taking control and responsibility for their situation and changing their responses and behaviour dramatically so that the lives of all around them are greatly improved. The imbalance or illness of one person affects many others often negatively, equally when one person is well this radiates out and helps other feel well too.

How does Homeopathy work?

It works when you are given a remedy which produces similar symptoms to those you have – this remedy then stimulates your immune system and gently restores balance in the mind and body thus ridding the person of symptoms which are distressing or annoying.

An example of this is that homeopathically we treat a cold or hay fever with runny nose and itchy watery eyes with Allium Cepa. The onion. Imagine the symptoms which occur if you cut up an onion.

How Homeopathy works

Homeopathy also works because it treats the cause of the problem. It doesn’t matter whether it is long standing or is the result of a recent upset. Homeopaths believe that the symptoms of ill health are the body’s way of trying to heal itself or restore balance.The result is often that people do seek help or support.

In today’s society there is almost an acceptance that feeling unwell and sluggish is normal with a lack of energy . You are not seriously ill but not full of joy. Homeopaths believe that health is not merely an absence of disease symptoms – a healthy person is likely to have joy and purpose in life and will be vital and fulfilled.

It may turn out that the symptom someone is experiencing is due to a difficult work or relationship situation or a long standing familiar situation that has recurred. If you try to suppress these symptoms, with medication, you hamper what the body is trying to do. Instead it is better to support what the body is already doing. And a remedy will work with your body and gently stimulate it to return to health.

Simple examples of this are migraines or colds from loss or bereavement, or back pain when someone is crying out for support. The back provides structural support for the whole body if you can’t stand up or move properly then you need help. IBS, may occur, in a situation of conflict or not sure what to do about something. Equally vaccination may compromise the immune system so that the individual is left susceptible to viruses, chest complaints or skin complaints. Or prescribed hormones like the Pill or HRT may affect people quite deeply – emotionally or physically. Some women are affected emotionally each month and can find it difficult to cope.

Establishing good health involves treating both mind and body. In a first homeopathic consultation, which may last up to 2 hours, time is taken to really listen to you and what you are saying because healing begins from within. Homeopathy uses natural medicines which are specially prepared. They can be prescribed without any danger of damaging side effects. Children respond particularly well to homoeopathy and it is of great benefit for their future health if they are treated homeopathically.

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Blackmore Vale Clinic of Homeopathy

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