Hay Fever And Nutritional Therapy

Tis the season for hay fever

Whilst some are feeling a spring in their step as a long, cold, wet winter draws to an end, others are approaching the warmer months with dread and foreboding. Why? Well I will tell you; Hay fever, this problematic condition ranges from a little snuffle in some, through to being virtually bedridden in others.

The good news is help is at hand.

Nutritional therapy tackles the root of the problem of hay fever

Alternative treatments are often considerably more effective than their orthodox counterparts in the treatment of conditions such as this. Specialist Medical Nutritionists and Nutritional Therapists, deal with the route cause of the problem – namely why is your body reacting so badly to pollen.

Pollen has been around for millennia, indeed so has Hay fever, however, it appears to be a recent phenomena that so many more people are suffering from, than those in bygone days. It is widely believed that the main reason for this is that we are not as healthy as our forbears; immune systems are weaker and therefore they react to foreign bodies such as pollen’s and food’s in an undesirable way.

Tackle your asthma and contact a nutritionist

Nutritional therapists have helped many people with Hay fever, they too are now smiling and leaping at the prospect of winter’s end and spring’s beginning.

To tackle your sneezing and hay fever, contact your local nutritionist for a personal plan or if you would like more details.

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