Baby Massage Overview

Baby Massage What To Expect

Generally speaking most infant or baby massage therapists are registered teachers that run classes providing information on how to massage your own child. The classes teach you the gentle, basic and safe massage techniques that can be applied.

You will also learn about which baby massage oils to use and more importantly which oils not to use. With a baby’s skin being so sensitive some commercial oils may cause rashes. Furthermore some oils may be too strong for a baby and absorbed chemicals can overload the liver.

How A Baby Massage Can Help

An infant massage can help with the bonding between the child and the parents especially if the mother is suffering from post natal depression. Also if the dad is at work all day and missing out on time to build bonds with the baby then time spent providing a massage can help with this and the feeling that they are missing out.

There are studies which have found that infants who are able to build close bonds with parents and have been helped and massaged have a higher probability of developing into well balanced and co-operative individuals.

Key Baby Massage Benefits

  • Provides a reassuring touch
  • Helps the baby with relaxation & reduces stress by producing endorphins
  • Promotes infant & parent attachment/ bonding
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Helps the digestive system
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps the respiratory system
  • Relieve teething pains
  • It promotes better & sounder sleep

It is important to ensure the practitioner is accredited and trained for providing a baby massage (infant massage). Make sure you ask about their training and who their governing body is so that you are able to check on the practitioner register should you wish. If unsure always consult your GP first.

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