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Using The Practitioner/ Therapist Search Box

This page is designed to help you quickly and easily find your nearest complementary therapy or alternative medicine practitioner in London or across the UK.

All you have to do is select a complementary therapy from the drop down menu and then enter your FULL postcode. The search results will be presented to you in mileage order from your address as the crow flies and you will be shown exactly how far away in miles the practitioner or complementary therapy centre is away from you.

If you are unable to find a therapist or practitioner near enough to you then don’t hesitate to call our team on 0208 446 2224 and we will check our records and see if we can suggest a nearer practitioner.

Snapshot Of Therapies
GoToSee provides information on over 60 different CAM's (Complementary & Alternative Medicines). Some therapies and modalities are better known than others and have a higher profile. 

GoToSee aims to provide as much up to date information about all of these complementary therapies and alternative medicines. he more information you have on an alternative medicine or complementary therapy then the better armed you are to make a decision of where to seek a solution to your problem or ailment. Examples of some of the therapies listed on our website aree:

  • Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapists, Hypnosis
  • Physiotherapy, Physiotherapists, Physio
  • Nutrition, Nutritionists
  • Acupuncture, Acupuncturist
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM
  • Chiropractor, Chiropractic
  • Homeopathy, Homeopath Psychotherapy, Psychotherapist, Psychotherapists

Complementary Therapy & Alternative Medicine Practitioner Search Results

The therapist search results will be listed with ten results per page. However if you would rather view more search results per page then simply select your preferred number from the ‘Results Per Page’ button.

All practitioners, therapists and complementary health centres have an Abbreviated Listing which appears in the search results. An example of this can be seen by Clicking Here.

The second page a complementary therapy practitioner or therapy centre has is called a Full Profile Page. The page itself provides lots more detail and information about the practitioner or therapy centre. Again an example of this can be seen by Clicking Here.

All the information and contact details are clearly presented making it easy for you to make an informed decision who to see and easy to contact.

An Overview Of The Therapist Profile Pages

The profile page will provide a logo or photo of the practitioner along with useful information such as:
-  Areas/ conditions they specialise in
-  Ailments treated
-  Information about the practice or practitioner
-  What to expect
-  Their approach
-  Client testimonials
-  Opening Hours/ availability
-  Fees

Conditions Treated:
In addition to the practitioner information listed above you will find a list of common ailments and conditions that the therapist or centre can treat. Whilst this list is not intended to be exhaustive or encyclopaedic it is intended to help members of the public quickly see a broad overview of conditions/ ailments that can be helped. 

The conditions list should be used as a quick overview rather than a fixed or finite list of the ailments that can be treated. If you can't see the problem, ailment or condition that you are looking for a solution for then we suggest you contact the practitioner you are interested in to discuss your needs in more detail to find out if they can help.

Qualifications & Membership Details:
Every practitioner listing has a full list of their qualifications. 

Therapies Practised:
In this section you will find a list of the other complementary therapies or alternative medicine modalities that the practitioner, therapist or complementary therapy centre practise. More often than not a practitioner will be qualified in a variety of complementary therapies and modalities which enables them to take a holistic approach to helping or healing a problem, condition or illness. e.g. A physiotherapist may also be qualified in Acupuncture & deep tissue massage. 

Contact Details & Practise Locations:
At the foot of the profile page you will also find details of the practice address /es complete with a Google map. Also if the therapist has a website you will see a hyperlink taking you straight into their website to find out more information.

Website Details:
If a practitioner has a website the link will be available for you to jump over and visit it.

Finally if you would like to email the practitioner with a question or to book and appointment then there is an email button which will quickly and easily allow to do this.

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