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Gender issues

Gender issues are problems and concerns that arise from questioning the relationship between men and women, inequality between the sexes, or issues about a person's own gender and sexuality. These issues can occur when the perceived masculinity or femininity of a person are then stereotyped. This can lead to equality issues and the discrimination of a person due to their gender.
Gender issues

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Gender issues are caused as a result of gender roles which are closely linked to stereotypes. A stereotype is a characterisation or belief about a person based on their physicality or perceived position within society. Within gender, stereotypes are typically based on physical characteristics, traits, behaviour (within a role) and occupation.

Men are more likely to be seen as aggressive in nature and competitive while women are seen as passive and cooperative. Men have traditionally been the providers while women the carers. Physical make-up has typically determined whether a role be masculine or feminine.  

Gender roles are often the cause for gender issues. The division of labour within a household is a common reason for problems within couple and family interaction. Even though women are firmly within the workforce today, traditionally their role has been at home completing domestic chores. Despite the firm move away from this role, women continue to do the majority of household labour.

Gender issues also arise when men and women become parents. The woman usually provides direct care for the child while the man is the provider. This can often cause a rift between couples as the main carer focuses their time and effort on caring for the infant and less on marital (or partnership) satisfaction.

Professional equality and discrimination is a common cause of gender issues. In the workplace, gender roles can define career progression and job satisfaction. Problems between men and women at work can arise due to a difference in pay, responsibility and promotion.

Gender issues are not a condition but problems within relationships which are caused by perceived gender roles can lead to physical, emotional and psychological damage.

Men and women coming to terms with gender issues can experience any number of problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, domestic violence and abandonment.

If you are experiencing health problems as a result of problems with gender issues (discrimination, harassment, violence etc.) then you should visit your GP in the first instance. The GP may refer you to an appropriate mediation service or mental health specialist to help you identify the underlying cause of your problems so they can be addressed.

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