Health Kinesiology Practitioner Training Wilmslow

Health Kinesiology Practitioner Training Wilmslow

Unique and well-established system that uses muscle-testing to balance energies for health and wellbeing

Available from February 2011


Health Kinesiology Practitioner Training
Kinesiology Training Wilmslow

Course Details
Health Kinesiology is a unique and well established system of muscle testing. We have a network of highly experienced and professional teachers who combine the core theory and practical work with their passion for the subject to deliver enjoyable and memorable teaching that will inspire and motivate students through the course.

The foundation training takes place through 5 courses of four days each. Between each course the student carries out directed home study and practice of the techniques learned at each level. The work for the first 5 classes is assessed through the Open College Network and approved by the Kinesiology Federation. The training also meets the government National Occupational Standards for Kinesiology.

The Health Kinesiology training program has 16 official classes that can be taken. Following the first 5 you will be invited to attend an assessment, the completion of which entitles you to be known as a Newly Qualified practitioner and begin charging for your work. In fact After HK3 and the completion of a set amount of work, you may accept donations.

Whether this is your first experience of training in kinesiology or already a skilled practitioner of another school of kinesiology, you will learn how to be a highly professional and effective BioEnergy consultant.

Once HK 1-5 levels are completed, we encourage students to attend classes in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, counselling skills, business management and the Kinesiology Federation Foundation course as these are prerequisites for becoming a professional member of the Kinesiology Federation. The more advanced classes can then be taken over time as part of your continued professional development.

The first course, HK1, is designed to lead you from the very foundations of HK, it governing principles, through to being able to perform accurate muscle testing, carry out meridian energy balancing and to employ a powerful range of energy correction and energy toning techniques. We also introduce how to muscle test for beneficial changes in the clients’ lifestyle. There are also techniques for BioEnergetic Allergy and Tolerance and early fears.

All the tutors provide extensive written materials to support the learning process as well as being available between courses for support via email or phone. The courses are taught in relatively small groups with much time be given to supervised practise of new techniques, clear and concise record keeping and how to develop a professional practice from the beginning.

About College
Health Kinesiology UK has been training professional practitioners for over 20 years in the UK. We are recognized as one of the advanced kinesiology training programmes by the Kinesiology Federation and have full accreditation with the Open College Network.

All tutors are authorised to teach by the founder of Health Kinesiology Jimmy Scott PhD and only after they have developed the necessary experience and completed extensive study into the Health Kinesiology system.
We teach from a series of small venues around the UK where we can offer personal support at professional levels.


About Lecturer/s
Amanda Brooks  Adv.KFRP, D.C. BSc (Chiro). Amanda is the Head of Health Kinesiology UK.  Amanda came into HK, in 1993, from a background of practitioner and teacher of McTimoney-Corley chiropractic. Amanda has a wealth of teaching experience and knowledge behind her and has been teaching kinesiology since 1996. Amanda’s classes are held in Oxfordshire and she can be contacted on

Franky Kossy KFRP. Franky Kossy has been teaching Health Kinesiology for many years and has a thriving practise in London’s famous Harley Street. She herself has been trained by Dr Jimmy Scott, the founder of HK. She has dedicated all her own learning and energy advancement into taking as many HK courses as are available. Franky carries out training in London and can be contacted on

Julie Tasker BSc(Hons) BA(Hons) PGCE C&G for Adults as Learners KFRP. Julie successfully became a Health Kinesiology Practitioner in 2005 and still continues to find HK amazing and life transforming for herself and those she works with. She is pleased to be able to use her skills as a Qualified Teacher and Complementary Therapist to teach Health Kinesiology. Julie has undertaken a range of Health Kinesiology training under the guidance of a variety of HK teachers including Dr Jimmy Scott, the founder of HK. Julies carries out training in Mansfield and can be contacted on

Minna Oldfield IIHHT KFRP Minna moved from Finland to England around 1989 and has run a successful holistic practice since 1998 when she qualified in aromatherapy, advanced reflexology and reiki. Ultimately Minna found Health Kinesiology and immediately realised the amazing depth, accuracy and benefits it offers on physical, emotional and mental levels. Minna has not looked back since she qualified in health kinesiology in early 2004 and is an enthusiastic and supportive teacher. Minna trains in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Please check her website for more information of course dates, etc.

Debby Moss Debbie is fully trained in massage and Scenar and was running a successful bodywork practice before coming across Health Kinesiology as a client.  So impressed with the results that she kept studying because it worked.

Already a fully-trained teacher, Debbie taught Business Studies, IT and Business Enterprise in college. In the 3 years since qualification she has done nearly 1000 hours of work with clients, and feels ready to share her experience of this amazing set of practical tools.

Debbie feels it is a process of continual discovery: learning all the time from her clients, colleagues and teachers. Looking forward to sharing this journey with new HK students and passionate about helping you to acquire the skills, develop the awareness and build the confidence that you need to become a successful and happy HK practitioner! Debby carries out training in Manchester and can be contacted on

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Kinesiology Training Wilmslow

Contact Details
Health Kinesiology Practitioner Training Wilmslow

Address Minna Oldfield
Wilmslow, Cheshire ,SK9 5PS


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