Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre

Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre

The Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre was created by Rosalie Samet in 2005 to provide fully accredited Diploma Practitioner Trainings, Introductory and Advanced Workshops in Hawaiian Massage. Practicing therapists and complete beginners are welcome


About the College

The Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre was created by Rosalie Samet in 2005 to provide fully accredited Diploma Practitioner Trainings, Introductory and Advanced Workshops in Hawaiian Massage. Practicing therapists and complete beginners are welcome to join the Introductory Workshops and Practitioner Trainings. Advanced Workshops offer post graduate guidance and continuing development.

Students of the Practitioner Training are taught Hawaiian Massage to the highest possible standard and quickly develop into capable, confident and independent professional practitioners within a set period of time. Graduates are awarded a Diploma from the Association of Physical and Natural Therapists.
Workshops carry 10 CPD points, also from the APNT, and give a thorough overview with lots of hands on experience.

Trainings and Workshops regularly take place in Central London, Brighton, and other locations by arrangement.’


Introductory Workshop in Hawaiian Massage

Course Details  This Workshop is a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the delights and secrets of Hawaiian Massage. You will be amazed by how much you can enhance your massage skills in just one day. 

In this Workshop you will:

• Experience an Hawaiian paradise through guided visualization
• Receive and give basic Hawaiian Massage to back of body
• Use hands, forearms and body weight to create the long, flowing, continuous and beautiful strokes unique to this style of massage 
• Advance bodywork to new levels of depth and connection
• Bring to life the Spirit of Aloha giving nourishment revitalization, inner calm and relaxation
• Move with grace, ease and good posture 
• Appreciate the joyful wisdom  and dance of the ancient Hawaiians
• Integrate life-changing skills into personal and professional life

You will receive a Hawaiian Massage Workbook and Certificate of Completion credited with 10 CPD points from the Association of Physical & Natural Therapists.


Diploma Practitioner Training in Hawaiian Massage

Course Details  Taking bodywork to new dimensions of subtle
feelings, sensory awareness and inner experience…
• This course is ideal for beginners or qualified therapists keen to learn an indigenous massage skill that is unique, luxurious, and practiced by only a few.
• Hawaiian Massage is the traditional healing massage of ancient Hawaii, combining the best of Lomi Lomi and Ka Huna Bodywork.
• The Practitioner Training is a rare opportunity to learn this re-discovered art form that has been hidden in the depths of Hawaiian culture for centuries.
• Hawaiian Massage brings to life the universal healing power of Aloha, known also as unconditional universal love.

The Benefits of Learning Hawaiian Massage
• Understand the dynamic forces of nature and intention that create profound healing.-
• Connect with and share the rich heritage of existence: body mind, heart and spirit.
• Take massage to unexpected levels of possibility for yourself and clients.
• Begin a joyful, rewarding, inspiring, empowering and life-changing career.

The Training Syllabus 
Synthesizing ancient with modern, this Practitioner Training is a realistic and practical interpretation of traditional massage from Hawaii. Topics include:
• The Influences of Hawaiian Wisdom upon Massage
• Hawaiian Massage Skills
• Self Awareness. Personal and Spiritual Development
• Working with Clients

About Lecturer/s  


Rosalie Samet is a leading Master Practitioner and Trainer in the sacred art of Hawaiian Massage.  Bringing together the best of Lomi Lomi and Kahuna Bodywork, Rosalie has created a realistic, practical and sensitive interpretation of traditional massage from Hawaii. In 1990 she studied with Kahuna Masters in Hawaii and now practices Hawaiian Massage exclusively. The founder of the Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre, Rosalie has been teaching Workshops and Practitioner Trainings since 1997. Students find her teaching to be profound, compelling and insightful. She is a dedicated pioneer in bringing Hawaiian Massage to the UK and over the last twelve years Rosalie’s work has been regularly featured in national press such as the Guardian, Independent and Evening Standard.  She has written articles for many specialist magazines including Positive Health, Massage World and Today’s Therapist.


‘Your workshop was a great success and we have had some great feedback. Congratulations and thank you again for putting so much thought and effort into your sessions.’
Cam Expo, Events Coordinator, Suzanne Rowland

‘Thank you so much for all the knowledge and wisdom you shared with us on the Practitioner Training course and your patience and understanding with our attempts to manifest Aloha blessings in our work.’
Trevor Hunt, 20th May 2008

Contact Details
Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre

Address Rosalie Samet
Hawaiian Massage UK Training Centre,
Hove ,BN3 1EE
01273 730 508
Website www.hawaiianmassage.co.uk


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