Essential Bodyworks Rossiter System Across the UK

Essential Bodyworks Rossiter System Across the UK

Rossiter Courses throughout the UK

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New to the UK – The Rossiter System


These are cutting edge techniques that really work for re-modelling the body’s connective tissue and creating natural space back where it belongs, allowing the body’s natural healing processes to work.

Clients can be treated in less than 15 minutes, no couch needed, no need to get undressed and above all no need for you, the therapist to get injured – back, hands and wrists remain safe.

Richard Rossiter, a certified advanced Rolfer from Ohio (United States) and a former chronic pain sufferer himself, he’s offering both a revolutionary system of pain-relieving stretching techniques as well as the personal reassurance that most structural pain can be resolved quickly and effectively with his Rossiter System techniques.

“Any kind of pain has a profound effect on how people think, function and relate to others,” says Rossiter, a former helicopter pilot whose own journey through pain laid the groundwork for his innovative stretches. “My breakthrough came when I realized that connective tissue is at the root of many pain problems. Once people learn these connective tissue techniques, they’re amazed at how simple – and profound – the results can be.”

Rossiter uses the Pain Slayer tag line because he promotes a concept that says each person has the power within him/herself to slay pain from the inside out. It’s done with a series of more than 200 short-action, two-person techniques that loosen and lengthen the body’s network of connective tissue, from head to toe.

With names like Hole in the Shoulder, Elbow Torque, Calf Crunch and Inside Knee Grease, the techniques are at the heart of The Rossiter System, which pairs a Rossiter-trained “Coach” and a PIC  - Person in Charge of his/her pain – in a quick-moving “workout” whose goal is near-immediate pain relief.

Get you clients out of pain fast with these quick effective assisted stretch techniques. The Rossiter System® is a unique form of pain relief. The Rossiter System® addresses pain at its cause - the body's connective tissue system. Connective tissue that is overworked, stressed or injured tightens and shortens causing many health and structural problems.

The Rossiter System® helps to change the large amounts of connective tissue for better mobility, freer movement & most of all pain relief.

Benefits Include:-
  • Pain Relief (lower backs & hips, repetitive strains, golfers/tennis elbow, hand/wrist pain, knee/foot pain, leg/ankle pain, stress headaches & migraines, sciatica, neck & shoulder problems including whiplash and spondylosis, osteo arthritis, sports injuries & much more)
  • Improves sports performance
  • Greater mobility, range of movement & flexibility
  • Longer lasting results
  • Helps to re-align hips & shoulders
Richard Rossiter is back in the UK in May & Sept 2011 to deliver workshops across the UK in this amazing new therapy for body workers, and therapists alike as well as giving talks and demonstrations at this years’ Holistic Health at Birmingham’s NEC. Visit us on stand C26 on 8/9th May 2011.

Course Dates & Prices
We are pleased to announce dates for both Unit I & Unit II Workshops below.  Please note that these dates may have changed from dates previously given.

Unit 1
Price: £280.00
Course times: 9am until 5pm
Forthcoming dates: Staffordshire 30 April – 1 May

Unit II
Price: £350.00
Course times: 9am until 5pm
Forthcoming dates: London 18-20 May; Stoke-on-Trent 4-6 May; Birmingham 11-13 May    
We will again be at Holistic Health 2011 8-9th May at Birmingham’s NEC.
All Unit II Certified Rossiter Coaches will be invited to volunteer on our stand to practice their skills and gain valuable experience of working swiftly to achieve results. We hope you will visit us.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding UK Rossiter Workshops. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Essential Bodyworks

Contact Details
Essential Bodyworks Rossiter System Across the UK

Address Sharon Mountford
Essential Bodyworks, 27 Marsh Parade
Newcastle under Lyme ,ST5 1BT
020 8446 2224


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