Centre For Relationships Victoria London

Centre For Relationships Victoria London

How do you make a relationship work? How do you keep and maintain it? When things seem to start going wrong how do you turn it around?

To help you gain an understanding and deal with your relationship issues Centre For Relationships provides relationship workshops, relationship coaching, relationship therapy and couples therapy. With the development of this new understanding comes the potential for resolving relationship difficulties and for enjoying strong and fulfilling relationships


Understand Yourself In Relationships

'Understand Your Self In Relationships' is a two day weekend workshop which is held either in Suffolk or Central London.  

The focus of the workshop is on developing an understanding of what motivates our thoughts, feelings and actions within our relationships.  It looks at how and why we do the things we do, how the past can influence our present relationships and how repeating and often self-defeating patterns of behaviour can emerge without us even knowing it.

'Understand Your Self In Relationships' is aimed at individuals who
  • Are unhappy or dissatisfied in relationships
  • Have just ended a relationship and wish the next one to be different
  • Are reluctantly single over long periods of time
  • Are encountering the same problems in relationships
  • Are enjoying being single and what to understand more about relationships
Over the course of the weekend this small group allows the participants the opportunity to explore where they are right now in their relationships and how they can make changes for a better future.

The workshop has a current maximum of six participants which ensures that each person in the group receives not only personal and individual attention but also has the space and the time to express themselves and to make the most of their workshop experience.

Workshop participants are of all ages and stages of life but with a common aim of understanding more about themselves and their relationships.

Full details of this workshop can be found Here

About the Centre
In private practice we saw the challenges that our clients often encountered in their relationships.  We noticed that there were common themes and difficulties which came up time and again and that these could often be overcome simply by the client developing an insight into what was really going on for them, day to day, between themselves and their partners.  By providing our clients with a clearer understanding and self-awareness, together with some simple but effective tools, we could greatly help them to achieve better outcomes in their relationships.

We decided that the best and most effective way to present these ideas to a wider audience was to establish a workshop which could give people an understanding of what was going on in their relationships and, just as importantly, why it was going on.  

About the facilitators  
Our facilitators are highly experienced practitioners who also run their own private practices. Specialising in relationship issues, they bring much of this personal experience into the workshops.  

The workshops are facilitated by Sally Quill.  Sally is a UKCP registered Psychotherapist.  She has worked for the NHS in Primary Care and since 1998 has worked in private practice with both individuals, couples and groups. She is a workshop developer, facilitator and founder partner of the Centre For Relationships.
The life coaching review sessions are conducted by Doug Martin.  Doug is a cognitive behavioural Life Coach and a member of The Association for Coaching.  Doug works in private practice in London and Suffolk and is a workshop developer and founder partner of the Centre For Relationships.

Relationship Workshop Bury St Edmunds

Contact Details
Centre For Relationships Victoria London

Address Doug Martin
Centre For Relationships, Victoria
South West London ,SW1V 1RY
01449 736 589
Website www.centreforrelationships.co.uk


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