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What is GoToSee.co.uk?
How does GoToSee.co.uk work for the public?
How does GoToSee.co.uk work for practitioners?
How does GoToSee.co.uk work for colleges?
Why do people visit GoToSee.co.uk?
What is GoToSee.co.uk?
GoToSee.co.uk is a website designed for the public seeking information on complementary health and medical disciplines.

It enables the visitor to discover which discipline/s are suitable for which conditions.

GoToSee.co.uk also helps the visitor discover their local practitioners and learn further information about the membership organisations and training and qualifications required to practice. This website is intneded as a general complementary therapy and alternative medicine resource. We always advise to consult your local general practitioner with any medical concerns.
How does GoToSee.co.uk work for the public?
GoToSee.co.uk provides the visitor with four exciting and informative options.

The visitor can search by discipline and location to find their local qualified practitioner. Details of the qualifications and the member organisations are available to provide the visitor with the information they need to make an informed decision on which practitioner they should go to see. The visitor can search by medical ailment / health condition and be presented with detailed information on all the disciplines that can help the condition and further information about the disciplines.

For visitors seeking further information about a career in complementary medicine, GoToSee.co.uk provides a notational database of colleges promoting their courses.

For visitors interested in health related products and services the GoToSee.co.uk Products area presents a variety of commercial organisations which will be of interest.

How does GoToSee.co.uk work for practitioners?

GoToSee.co.uk provides the practitioner an invaluable online marketing platform.

For practitioners wishing to increase their visibility on-line and actively promote their services, GoToSee.co.uk provides enhanced listings and low-cost websites.  GoToSee listings enable the practitioner to be seen by clients searching for their service in their location.
Other features for the benefit of practitioners include free classified adverts and free invaluable business and marketing resources. All email addresses are confidential and hidden from the public to prevent abuse and spam.

How does GoToSee.co.uk work for colleges?

GoToSee.co.uk provides colleges a platform to market their courses to a highly targeted audience.  Our visitors will include members of the public seeking information about a career in complementary medicine, as well as our existing database of already qualified and part-qualified practitioners who seek to continue their education.

Why do people visit GoToSee.co.uk?

The management team offer a unique blend of experience in both the fields of complementary therapy and internet marketing. Our internet marketing experts have years of experience of driving targeted traffic to websites using a mix of search engine skills, public relations and online and offline marketing.  Our therapists’ experts know what therapists and the public want and require.  By creating a website with superb content and search facilities, seen by massive numbers of the public and therapists, we know we have a platform which provides a massive boost for the industry of complementary health and medicine.


If you have a general enquiry, question or suggestion relating to www.gotosee.co.uk please send us an email & one of our team will get back to you. admin@gotosee.co.uk
If you would like further details regarding advertising your business on www.gotosee.co.uk then please drop our advertising team an email and we will get straight back to you.
If you encounter any bugs whilst using www.gotosee.co.uk or you have a technical problem or query then send us an email and we will get back to you and/ or fix it.

You can always contact us via telephone or postal mail as well using the following information:

GoToSee, The 8th Floor, Northway House, 1379 High Road, London N20 9LP

Telephone: 020 8133 0427




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