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GoToSee is an online health and therapy guide for the public, practitioners, colleges/ courses and health products. As the UK's fastest growing health directory, we have over 25,000 therapists listed (and counting). Use our search facility to find a practitioner by location or browse our health resource to find out who you should go to see.


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Alternative Medicine, Complementary Medicine & Complementary Therapy

Our aim is to have the UK's number 1 quality resource of alternative medicine and complementary therapists across London and the United Kingdom.

This is one of the reasons why we ask the therapists to include, qualifications, membership details, testimonials and case studies in their listings. Our complementary therapy directory aims to deliver a comprehensive information resource enabling you to find out as much as possible about treatments and therapists before arranging an appointment.

Overview Of The Complementary Medicine, Alternative Medicine and Complementary Therapy Sector
The Complementary Therapy, Alternative Medicine and Holistic Health sector is growing in popularity as well as gaining recognition and validation in modern healthcare. There's a wealth of treatment and therapy options available which are well worth your consideration.

But what therapies are available? Which is best for your ailment or condition? Where can you find a reputable practitioner? aims to provide you with a better understanding of alternative medicines and complementary therapies helping you make the right choices.

So where to start? Why not have a look at our Quick Tour that will help you get the most out of and point you in the right direction. Alternatively why not start by reading our Guide To CAM's and Natural Health.

Find A Therapist By Therapy & Postcode
We have made finding your nearest practitioner for complementary medicine, complementary therapy and alternative medicine easy by building a clever search tool. All you need to do is select the complementary medicine or complementary therapy you want and enter your FULL post code. Our database will then return practice results in distance order as the crow flies.

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We have just brought out a brand new search tool that allows you to search our database for a practitioner by surname. If you know who you want but aren't sure which particular modality they may be listed under then this will make the process reaaly easy.

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Alternative Medicine, Health and Complementary Therapy Colleges

Whether you are planning on becoming a fully qualified therapist or simply looking to undertake a few workshops in your spare time our course and college listings are the ideal place to start. No matter what your interest level is, finding an alternative medicine or complementary health course, college or workshop is made easy with our listings of educational centres in your area. So if you want to study diet nutrition, transpersonal studies, aromatherapy and many others, follow the links below.

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The natural health products listed below can aid a healthy lifestyle through organic foods, vitamins and minerals as well as herbal remedies for a variety of ailments. Skin care products and health drinks can also ensure the health of your body inside and out.

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Ailments and Therapists

The therapists listed in this directory can help treat a variety of symptoms related to many ailments including stress and depression to those who have suffered strokes.

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Alternatively to help you find the right treatments for all manner of ailments we have put a list together of practitioners in a variety of locations across the UK.

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Free Classified Practitioner Listings

Visit our practitioner classified section to find the latest business to business adverts for therapy rooms to hire, therapy rooms to rent, consulting rooms to hire, consulting rooms to rent, complementary therpay and alternative medicine business opportunities and much more.

All the listings are free to post so please feel free to place your own ad.

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If you are interested in learning more about complementary therapies and alternative medicine then visit our articles section.
The section has over 100 articles that you won't see anywhere else which cover a wide range of health topics and therapies. The aim of the section is to provide high quality information to the public about complementary therapies and ailments with a view to helping point people in the right direction on the road to recovery.

Our articles section is written by experts and web journalists and is updated on a daily basis with over 50 new articles being added every single month.

To the visit the Articles Section please click on the tab at the top of this page

This Weeks Featured Articles -

Relaxation helps reduce the fear and anxiety, and can be a very useful part of hypnosis. It helps a persons coping skills and assists in seeing realistic goals that can be successfully achieved. With motivation, used at the correct physical and emotional time for the client, it can help them see they can still achieve things, by working in the boundaries of their condition. Hypnotherapy can help them to look beyond their illness for inspiration. 

There are several types of hypnosis techniques that can be used, however with chronic pain it may not be a efficient for everyone. “In 1998, Eastwood et al proposed from studies that the highest results with pain relief were found in subjects assessed to be the most hypnotisable, when direct analgesic suggestions were used“ module 8, (analgesics is the medical name for pain blockers proscribed, hypnoanalgesic, is the use of hypnotherapy as an analgesic also module 8). What must be remembered is pain control would be more effective, when the client learns the hypnotherapy technique for them to carry out self hypnosis. This can be a successful tool to the client, as the condition is progressive......

Latest reports on the obesity problem claim that by the year 2050, 50% of women and 70% of men will be overweight. Some reports were even claiming that this is as much as a problem as global warming. With scare tactics like these it is no wonder that people comfort eat. Whether or not you agree with such reports about obesity you cannot ignore the fact that many people in western societies are becoming overweight and clinically obese.

Stress affects the way people feel and is typically seen as a response to pressures and demands placed upon them. While stress is deemed to be unhealthy (mentally, physically and emotionally) it is in fact an advantage to the body that has evolved over thousands of years. Stress enables us to react to situations and originally increased our ancestor's chances of surviving. However, stress is only ever meant to be a temporary state and when prolonged it can damage the body's systems and pose a threat to health. Prolonged and reoccurring stress can cause damage to brain cells and increase blood pressure and heart rate

Nutrition & Allergies
The body can become allergic in a number of ways. Allergies can be caused by a genetic predisposition which means you are born with an allergy to certain substances to start with. An allergy can develop when the body is repeatedly exposed to an allergen such as pollen which in turn weakens its defence mechanism. Allergies can also arise when the body is irritated by a substance that it repeatedly fails to digest. The wrong nutrition can lead to the development of an allergy so finding nutritional advice could be the way to prevent your allergy or help you understand the underlying cause of a current allergic reaction.

Helping Stress
It is said that if you can manage your stress levels you'll achieve great overall health. There are many ways to get stress relief but have you considered detoxification? Detoxification or detox is about body cleansing, ridding the body of toxins that build up from a variety of internal and external sources. And detox isn't just about the food you eat. Detoxification can be a variety of methods and alternative healthcare systems that will help ease your worries and remove the stress from your hectic life.

The GoToSee Alternative Medicine & Complementary Therapy Blog
Complementary Therapy & Alternative Medicine Blog

We are proud to announce the launch of the GoToSee blog.It is another step towards our goal of becoming the UK’s number one complementary therapy and alternative medicine health resource. Our blog provides high quality information and news which is updated every single day.

You can get involved by leaving comments and providing your own feedback to our articles. You can also subscribe to our information feed which will send all the latest updates and articles straight to your inbox. 

Finally if you are a therapist or practitioner with your own blog then why not join our blog roll and get your articles and news found alongside ours.

To visit our blog click on the Health News tab at the top of the page.